Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today's Adventure: Catch - up

And then, another month goes by.


The Kid will be four months old on the 30th. Here's what she's been up to lately:

  • Found her thumb and is sucking/chewing on it. Sometimes she has three fingers from one hand and thumb of her other all in her mouth at the same time.
  • Found her feet. I went to get her after her nap, and she was laying there with a foot in each hand, looking very pleased with herself. Today, she tried to get one into her mouth, but didn't quite make it.
  • Laughed, but only a few times. The Huz got her to do it twice, once each on two different days, and I got her to do it twice, both on the same day.
  • Rolled over, from her stomach to her back. She's actually done this several times, but mostly she just seemed to fall over. Today, she rolled intentionally. She's so so close to rolling from back to stomach, but she can't get her arm out from underneath her.
  • Gone swimming. The Huz and my brother rigged a floating ring with a canopy so she wouldn't be exposed to too much sun, and we took her to the pool twice over the weekend. She enjoyed it a lot.
  • Using her voice. She humming and squealing, making monkey sounds and babbling, screaming (not mommy's favorite); just really exploring the range of her voice.
The Kid watches us very intently when we eat, but has no interest in solids yet. She nurses very well, after some struggling at the beginning, and now I'm trying to get more comfortable with nursing in public. Because I have to use a nipple shield, it's a little bit more awkward of a process than just pulling up my shirt and latching her on. I'm learning how to minimize the exposure and how to nurse her in my Moby Wrap. I love this thing! Basically, it's five yards of t-shirt fabric that you wrap around yourself to carry your baby. It comes in very handy at those times when she only wants to be held, and my arms and back are getting tired. It's also very convenient for places where a stroller would be too much of a bulky burden. Like, at Comic Con!! The Huz and I had four-day passes (because he's "in the industry", as they say), so we took The Kid to Preview Night. I thought that it would be the least crowded day, but I was so wrong! It was PACKED. There was no room to be pushing a stroller around the showfloor. Yay for the Moby!

The Kid has her four month checkup this week. I'll fill in her weight, length and percentile afterwards.

Now that the "fourth trimester" is over, we're trying to incorporate The Kid into our lives more. You know, doing the things we normally did when we didn't have a baby, just modified to include her. She's been to birthday parties, weddings, out to eat at restaurants. I'm going to get involved in some mommy groups, if only to find a good babysitter if nothing else, so we can go out without pressing our parents into babysitting duty (They are the BEST babysitters, but slightly inconvenient, since they live 100 miles away). I'm also running out of things to entertain her with on my own!

On the knitting front, my friend C and I went to a Stitch-n-Pitch baseball game, Dodgers v. Astros. Astros killed, 10-2. We got four or five free bags, and I picked up a silk folding case for my Addi Cliks. I worked on my Wicked (I'm about halfway through the shoulder increases), and I taught C how to do a dropstitch, so she started a scarf with some Sugar n Creme I had laying around.

So that's it for now!


Emily said...

It goes by so fast, doesn't it? What a natural mommy you are! I love a good baby wrap. I had to use a nipple shield for the first month or so too, but was able to wean her off by 6 weeks. It did make things harder, but good for you on continuing breastfeeding anyway! We didn't even start Jos on solids until 7 months. They don't usually need it or even want it until then anyway. She is SO cute! What a precious face!

Teresa Huang said...

So great to hear of your early adventures! And your daughter's first Comic-Con...ah, memories. :)

Sean and Jennifer Donahue said...

Love that first pic, with the hat. SO adorable.