Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today's Adventure: Early Morning

It's 5:00 am right now. The diapers are on their second wash now, as we had forgotten to finish them last night. There are only three small lights on: the one over the stove, which I think The Huz turns on as a comfort more than anything else; the lamp on his desk, which glows with just enough light to change a diaper; and the light of my laptop, which bathes my daughter in soft white as she nurses and I browse the Internet. The Huz stays up in the living room for a little while, but he has wisely decided to go back to bed, because he will be on duty later this morning. The Kid has fallen asleep on my lap - she smiles every once in a while in her sleep, and it makes me smile. The refrigerator hums, the wall clock ticks, and The Huz lightly snores in the other room.

I am content.

This is a wonderful adventure.


Emily said...

Ah, I love those moments!! Now that Jos is mostly sleeping through the night, I sometimes miss those sleepy feedings at 3 or 4 in the morning. It's so funny to actually look back with nostalgia at the times Kev and I spent changing diapers and soothing Jos at all hours of the night. Crazy, huh? Don't you just love mommyhood?!

Maggie Harkov said...

What a beautifully described moment. It brought such a smile to my face, especially after meeting the star of 100% adorable! Love & hugs to you three!