Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today's Adventure: Welcome to week 41

My daughter is a week late.

Grandma keeps saying she will not make or buy The Kid any more presents until she is born, but The Kid knows that Grandma is lying.

Today, Grandma showed up with a quilt and three onesies that she embellished. There is another quilt that should be finished by tomorrow, and some embroidered burp cloths (isn't Grandma cute? She's embroidering burp cloths!)

The Kid is holding out for more stuff - when will it end!?!?

ETA: Apparently, it ended 4 hours later when my water broke! Well, it was the beginning if the end. Can't post now, but I will update the blog soon!


Emily said...

You're probably laughing now that your water broke 4 hours after posting this. Can't wait to see pics!! Congratulations!

Danna said...

Ok Manda or Josh, I think we have all been patient enough! Give up the pictures and the story! :) Hope your all doing well!