Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today's Adventure: Of Cables and Cords

So remember how I got the transfer cable out of the garage to upload/download/whatever the pictures from my camera to my computer?

I was on Ravelry reading a thread about packing for the hospital when the baby comes. One Raveler mentioned she brought her laptop and camera, but forgot the transfer cable, and so was unable to get the pictures of her darling newborn out into the world until she got home. I thought it was a good idea to pack my transfer cord right away. But I couldn't find it. I thought I put it in the desk drawer I always used to keep it in. But it's not there. It's just gone.

I went to Best Buy to buy a replacement cord. The only cord option I found was some crazy $50 contraption that had adapters for like, 7 different kinds of electronics.

I tried another route - a card reader. I was able to find 2 kinds of those - one for SanDisks and other cards of that nature, and one that can read SanDisks and the micro-tiny memory disks for cell phones. The first was $20 and the second was $15, so I bought the cheaper one.

As I was setting up the card reader, I noticed that the cord for the reader fit directly into my camera. I thought that was cool, then I wouldn't have to worry about taking the SanDisk out of the camera all the time.

Then I was reading that thread again, and another Raveler mentioned that her laptop has a little slot that can read SanDisks, no cord necessary.

Which reminded me that a few weeks ago, as I was fishing my new laptop out from it's spot under the coffee table, something about the size of a SanDisk popped out of the front of it. So I felt around my laptop and popped the little thing out.

It turns out, MY laptop has one of those little slots that can read SanDisks, no cord necessary.

No cord necessary.

Well, at least I didn't buy that crazy $50 thing.

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Childsplayx2 said...

I just checked my new laptop. It turns out I have one of those too. Thanks for educating me about my computer.

Don't forget to charge the batteries for the cameras.