Friday, January 23, 2009

Today's Adventure: Sugar Shock!

Somewhere between weeks 24 and 28 of your pregnancy, you are supposed to take a glucose tolerance test. It's to check to see if you have developed gestational diabetes. The test involves fasting for at least two hours, drinking a super-sweet beverage, waiting an hour, and then getting your blood drawn.

When I had to do mine, I figured I would go first thing in the morning - get it out of the way, fewer people will be there, I've already been fasting, quick, easy, done.

I left the house before 9:00am (that's first thing in the morning for me, though the lab opens at 7:30), drove seven minutes to the lab, walked in, signed my name on the little check-in sheet, and sat down to wait for them to call me.

And waited...

and waited...

and waited...

and finally, after an hour of sitting and waiting, the lady called my name - to check me in. You see, at this point, it's still as if I had never shown up - you don't exist until you are checked in. The lady looked at my paperwork to see why I was there, and said,"Oh, let me get you the drink while we are checking you in - then your hour-long wait period can start right away." All I could do was smile and say, "Okay,'' but what I'm really thinking is, "Honey, my hour-long wait period started an hour ago, when I walked in the door!"

She comes back with a 10 oz bottle of what looks like lemon-lime soda. "Drink all of this within five minutes, okay?" I pop it open and take a swig - it tastes like lemon-lime soda, but the sweetest, most uncarbonated lemon-lime soda in the world. It's disgusting, and I like sweets. Suddenly, 10 oz seems like a lot of liquid to have to drink in five minutes. Once I'm done, the lady says, "Go have a seat, and come back up here in an hour. Don't go anywhere, because that stuff can make you dizzy."

And boy, does it! It's basically shocking your poor defenseless stomach and bloodstream (which havn't had any sustinance since last night's dinner) and putting your body into a sugar coma. I just closed my eyes, listened to Drew Carey give away Showcase prizes, and waited for another hour to be up.

Then I got my blood drawn, and left to feed my ravenous self and child. Never had a burger tasted so good!

At my last doctor's appointment (no weight gain again this month), they gave me the bad news: I failed my glucose tolerance test. My sugars were measuring at 155, and the cut-off number is 140. So that meant I had to go to the next step - The Three Hour Glucose Tolerance Test.

The three hour test involves fasting for at least 8 hours, getting your blood drawn, drinking the sweet stuff again, waiting an hour, drawing your blood, waiting another hour, drawing your blood, waiting a third hour, and drawing your blood a fourth time. It also involves being at the hospital at 7:30am (even though the lab here doesn't open untill 8:00am), and staying for at least four hours (so much for the three hour test).

So that's what I did today. I got up at 6:30am, which, honestly, wasn't all that difficult because I've been waking up around that time for no reason at all, anyway. I went to the hospital, got all checked in, and waited for the lab technician to show up. She was right on time, so we were able to get started right away. The sugar-drink made me queasy again, but I just closed my eyes and drifted off for a little bit. The lab technician complimented the vein in my left arm, and said she wished everyone had such a prominent vein to stick. The first two blood draws didn't hurt at all, but the second two were a bit painful (because they were all going into basically the same spot, she said).

At 12:02pm I was done. I rushed to my car and to In-N-Out. Now, I know I said before that the burger I ate after the one hour test was the best burger ever. But that was only until this burger came along. It was the best Double-Double in the world! And when I get to the apartment there is a doughnut with pink frosting with my name on it. The Huz bought it for me last night as a treat because I didn't have a great day, but I couldn't eat it because of the test. But I can now!!!


Emily said...

Ok, that sounds like exactly what happen to me! I failed the first one too and had the hardest time keeping the gross drink down. Fortunately, I passed the 3 hour. I had to do the 3 hour twice though, cause they did it too early the first time. Ugh. Belly pics? When exactly are you due?

Cristi-Lael said...

I had to go through that with my first pregnancy too. Not fun. At least it was my first and not my second. The idea of having to deal with the tests and a busy 2 year old makes me shutter.

BTW, I passed the 3 hour one too.

Danna said...

After babe #2 I started refusing to do the test, fasting and that drink made me SO sick! :)
Hope your second comes back negitive!