Friday, January 30, 2009

Today's Adventure: Bungalows and Bellies

Okay, I got my camera cable out of the garage so you can see the most recent pictures of the belly.
But first, you must revel with me that I have such a thing as a garage! The Huz and I moved into a little house in Burbank and it is so cute!! It is tiny - only about 650 sq ft - but it has two bedrooms and a garage and a laundry room with washer and dryer included!!!!! No more saving quarters! I love love love this little house, and I am so glad that we are bringing our baby home to a house rather than an apartment. Granted, we are still renting, but we have no shared walls, or people living above us.

And so, as promised, Week 32 (8 months) belly shots:


mames said...

you are getting is weird, pregnancy seems to go so much faster for others. now that is what i call nesting, the house looks great. and you can probably find Un wind, the knitting store i wrote about, pretty close.

Danna said...

You look great Amanda, I maybe 5.5 months but I am huge due to the complete lack of tummy muscles after 3.5 babes!!! Enjoy getting things done now it is a bit harder after the "prize" arrives!