Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today's Adventure: The Scale!

Between my first and second OB/GYN appointments, I gained two pounds. I thought, "Hey that's not so bad - it's probably just water weight anyway." During the month that followed I proceeded to eat whatever I wanted. I was really craving meat, so The Huz and I ate at In 'N Out Burger up to three times a week! Burgers, fries and cokes - yummy! So when I went in for my third appointment, in October, I was expecting to have gained a bit more than two pounds. When I got on the scale, I was ready to cringe. . . but I weighed exactly the same as last time! I was stoked!

However, I knew I couldn't continue my burger-eating ways. We have been trying to eat at home more often, to save money and to eat more healthfully. My meat craving became less intense, so that helped us cut back to eating burgers only once a week. The baby also decided that she liked fresh fruit a lot, especially apples. I was feeling good about my food choices! When the time came around for my fourth appointment, I had no qualms about the scale. I hopped right on up and even let the nurse balance the scale instead of doing it myself. "Looks like you've gained. . . eight pounds," she said.


Lemme get this straight - I eat crap for a month and don't gain anything. I eat better for a month and gain eight pounds?!

In my heart of hearts, I know this is no big deal at all. I know I'm growing a person - I'm going to gain weight, it happens. But those eight pounds just came out of nowhere! I didn't even see them; they snuck up on me!

In the past three weeks it has become much more physically noticeable that I am "with child." I had bought some t-shirts a while ago that were two sizes too big - now they are fitting just perfectly, but it won't be long before I outgrow them. I have a concert to sing in at the end of the month, and I need to buy a new concert dress.

Everything that used to be in my stomach area before the kid took over is moving upward, so it looks like I'm carrying high, but the baby is actually pretty low. It's all my internal organs that are making me look pregnant! I was at a party last night and a friend put his hand on the upper part of my tummy as if to feel the baby - I didn't have the heart to tell him he was really just touching my stomach, diaphragm, and small intestines!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Today's Adventure: Return Of The Blob!

Once again, for your viewing pleasure, I give you...

My uterus:And here is Baby Skeletor - or Baby Ghost Rider, take your pick:
And finally, the tell-all photo:Yes, folks, there between my baby's legs, as indicated by the arrow, is nothing. Well, no penis, anyway.

We're having a GIRL!!!!!!!!

Pops and Grandma (my parents) came to the sonogram, as well as The Huz, of course. I had thought it was going to be one of those 3D/4D things, but apparently, I was misinformed. But it was still so cool! She was very active - moving around a lot! At one point she threw her legs up over her head. The doctor thought at first that she might be measuring a little small (more like 17 weeks than 20), but she readjusted herself so he could see that she is exactly right on the money for 20 weeks. She weighs 13 ounces already - almost a pound! We were able to see the four chambers of her heart, and the bloodflow through the heart and umbilical cord. We videotaped it as well.

So now, it's on to picking out a name...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Today's Adventure: Growing a Person As Compared To Planning a Wedding

The Huz told me that he is bored of my pregnancy.

Well, to be truthful, nothing really eventful has happened lately. But does everything need to be an event?

It's kind of like planning a wedding. We planned our wedding in nine months. We got engaged in June of 2005 and married in March of 2006. We got pregnant in June of 2008 and will give birth in March of 2009. Whoa! I kind of just realized that as I wrote it. Okay, it's a lot like planning a wedding!

Right at the beginning there is the engagement, finding the place for the ceremony/reception, asking people to be in the wedding, trying on dresses, picking colors, showing off the ring and telling everyone how he proposed. All the exciting stuff, right?

Then, there is this lull where nothing really happens. I mean, sure, maybe you have a dress fitting, possibly collect a few names for your address book, and finally make a decision between hydrangeas and roses, but nothing major is going on.

All of the sudden, the wedding is in a month - it's Go Time! There are meetings with caterers, DJ's, coordinators, dresses to be picked up, favors to make, seating arrangements to assign, invitations to assemble, family issues to sort out, prayers to pray so that it doesn't rain on your parade, limos, honeymoon details, etc. It's craziness!

Having a baby is just like that. First, it's the excitement of finding out you're pregnant, telling everyone your wonderful news, making doctor's appointments, seeing the first ultrasound, buying all the books, keeping up to date with the size of your baby as compared to fruit, keeping your breakfast down (for some people), picking names. All the exciting stuff, right?

Then, there is this lull where nothing really happens. I mean, sure, maybe you tour the hospital's maternity ward, possibly collect and reject a few more names for your list, and finally make a decision about finding out the gender of the baby or not, but nothing major is going on.

All of the sudden, the baby is due in a month - it's Go Time! There are classes to take, baby showers to attend, acquiring cribs and swings and other items on which to place your baby's butt, diapers to buy, bags to pack, values to gain (so you can impart some to your child), knitting to do, etc. It's craziness!

Now, in actuality, something is happening. I've been feeling these little movements, kind of like little nudges, in my abdomen. I can see how women confuse them with gas. They feel very similar, but not. Sometimes I have to do a bit of analysis to make sure - okay, that was movement, but that was just gas bubbles. But because they aren't big enough for The Huz to feel, he doesn't really get to be a part of it. So I guess I can see why it might not hold the same fascination for him as it does for me, and it could be "boring."

But we did reorganize our bedroom so that we can start making room for baby. We have a little nook that we decorated with these really cute framed postcards, we hung a lamp, and hung up a onesie that The Huz bought at Target. He saw it and gasped, so I knew we had to buy it. It has the Star Wars logo on it! I think it made him realize that all of the baby's clothes could advertise whatever he wanted - he had many plans in his head for custom made onesies from zazzle.com.

The Huz said tonight that the reorganizing of the room and seeing the improvements we made is making him more excited for the baby, making it more real and closer to actually happening. So hopefully, the boredom is wearing off.