Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today's Adventure: Walk, Work and Baby

Today, I went on a walk to the North Hollywood Library to find a book that I know I own but can't find anywhere. Upon further reflection, I'm pretty sure I gave it to my little brother. Upon even further reflection, he probably doesn't have it anymore.

Oh well, the walk was nice. It was a little warm so I made sure I brought some water with me. All in all, it took me about and hour and ten minutes to get there, discover they didn't have the book I wanted, and get back home.

As for work, I've been doing the Terror Tram on Friday nights. The last two weeks I've had the 5:48-1:30 shift, and it's been tiring. It shouldn't be, because the tour is ridiculously modified and short. But it is. We used to do this bit where we pretend to fall asleep while giving the tour, and I thought it was great, because then it wouldn't matter how much I yawned - it's part of the bit! Management later thought that it looked a bit unprofessional, so they nixed it. It is all I can do NOT to yawn on camera!

The baby has been making me very tired lately. The past few days I've taken two-hour naps in the late afternoon, and today I slept in until mumble-o'clock. As far as I was aware, I'm only making fingerprints this week, so I don't know why the baby is taking all my energy! We had an OB appointment last week - we did not find out the baby's gender. However, on Nov 7 we're getting one of those cool 3D/4D sonograms, and by then I will be at 20 weeks (halfway!) so we should be able to see some genitalia! I can't believe I'm almost halfway done with this pregnancy. It has been relatively easy and symptomless, so other than my tummy getting slightly larger and being able to hear the heartbeat (148 beats/minute and going strong!) I almost can't believe I'm pregnant. I should be able to feels kicks and movement any time now. There have been a few times when I thought I felt something, but there's just no way to tell at this point. I don't really know exactly what I should be feeling - I've never done this before!

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Danna said...

As romatic as it sounds it feels like gas bubbles, and then later they feel like karate kicks! :)Glad to hear you are feeling so well, be thankful!