Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today's Adventure: The Fourth of July, or Buses and Subways and Trains, Oh My!

The Huz and I went Home for the Fourth of July weekend. Where we live now is home, but where we are from is Home. Home is in North County San Diego. We love it there, and cannot wait to move back. His parents and my parents live on the same street (which is how we met in the first place...when we were nine and ten).

At any rate, The Huz drove us in his car, which was oh-so-nice of him, considering it's a two hour drive. I knitted on the first sleeve of my Perfect Sweater. I brought my keys with me, so I could let myself in to my parents' house, if necessary.

Well, at one point it was necessary, so I brought my keys into the house with me. My mom got rid of the little shelving unit that stood by the front door (where I usually put my keys), so I put my keys on the counter in the kitchen. And promptly forgot that I ever brought them out in the first place. A fabulous time was had by all. There was barbecue:

There were Wii Tournaments:
There were wonderful family members:
When we left the next evening, The Huz asked me if I had everything - this is a habitual question because I habitually forget stuff - to which I replied, 'yes.' He specifically asked if I had my keys, to which I replied, 'yes.'

I bet you can see where this is going.

The next morning was Sunday, and I sing at a Catholic cathedral in Orange County, so I was up early. As I was preparing to leave, I looked in my purse for my keys. Not there. I looked in the bag of clothes from the trip. Not there. I looked in my knitting bag. Not there. I woke The Huz to get his car key so I could look in his car. Not there. I called my parents' house, and my dad answered after the fourth ring. I totally woke him up. "Sorry to call so early, but are my keys right there on the counter by the phone?" "Yes, they are. I'm going back to bed now."


I cannot believe I did this. I had to borrow The Huz's car for the whole morning, and he couldn't go anywhere. When I got back from church, The Huz and I discussed my options over lunch at Daphne's. One of my difficulties was that I had to work at Trader Joe's that day as well. The other one was that I didn't know my work schedule for Monday. The Huz offered to drive by himself while I was at work to go get them. How sweet is he? At the end of lunch we decided that I would take the train down that evening after work and my dad would pick me up. There were no more trains available to take me back home after picking up my keys.

I found out that I didn't have to work on Monday, so I could have just gone then, but I was feeling antsy about not having my keys. I took the bus, the subway and the train that night, and my dad picked me up at 11:55pm. On the train I played Mario Party DS with my seatmate. That was fun! I spent the next day hanging out, went shopping with my mom, and I made copies of my car keys - one to keep at my parents', one for the apartment and one for The Huz. Then I took the train, the subway and the bus back home again, to my darling Huz. On the way home I knit some more on my sleeve. I'm almost done with the first set of increases! What an adventure!

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