Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today's Adventure: Bikes and Time

I've been thinking a lot about bicycles lately. The Huz and I have decided to try being a single car family. We live within 3-5 miles of my workplaces (except the church in the OC), and we have a very reliable transit system with a stop practically in front of our apartment. So I could bike to TJ's and take the bus/subway to Universal.

I've been looking at a lot of websites, mostly at cruiser-style bikes. I'm so excited to actually get to a bike shop and buy a bike, despite the fact that I probably can't even sit on a bike right now, much less be able to pedal it anywhere.

Healing is a very slow process. When my doctor suggested that I should take three weeks off work and do physical therapy, my first thought was, "Man, it's not really going to take that long, is it?"

It is.

It still hurts to turn over in bed. It hurts/is difficult to breathe if my upper body is not propped up. It hurts to get up. I'm walking without the crutches more and more, but it hurts after a little while, especially if I happen to misstep, or land too hard. I have a funny "pimp limp" and I don't like it. I've been driving a little bit, but I'm still not very comfortable. My body is not 100% ready for the physical action of driving. Plus, I'm slightly paranoid about traffic coming from the left. I keep thinking it shouldn't take this long to get back to normal.

I have my first physical therapy session tomorrow (oops, today - midnight just snuck up on me). I have no idea what to expect. I'm also going to have lunch with my good friend DW, from the Disney Days. DW quit Disneyland recently, and we haven't had a chance to exchange stories yet. Should be a hoot!

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