Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today's adventure: Return From the Pits of Hell

Also known as, Las Vegas in June.

Now don't get me wrong - I like Vegas as much as the next girl. In fact, my whole family had a fabulous weekend vacation there this year. In January, when the temperature was livable.

However, this particular trip to Las Vegas was hot and yucky, because A) it was June, and B) we had to go to a funeral. The Huz's grandfather passed away due to problems with his lungs. The Huz's Nana was (of course) very sad, so we spent four days out there visiting with her and keeping her company. Nana's sister Aunt B and her daughter D were already there. BIL and SIL arrived shortly after we did. The Huz's parents and sister even drove from San Diego for the funeral and left within 16 hours of getting there. My MIL is awesome, by the way. She organized an entire service for the funeral (at this particular memorial park, they give you 40 minutes to do whatever you want to do, but they do not provide a minister or anything). There were readings, I sang, The Huz, his brother and mother all shared wonderful memories of Grandpa, and then we all sang Amazing Grace. When we were done, two Navy officers unfurled an American flag, presented it while Taps played, then they re-folded the flag and gave it to Nana. Very moving.

The Huz is sad and out of sorts. He is very glad that Grandpa's illness was not long and drawn out, as they were expecting, but he misses him. He is also very worried about Nana. The Huz's father (Nana's son) died 10 years ago, so he and his brother feel very responsible for the grandparents. The boys tried to convince the grandparents to move closer to family, but they were reluctant to leave their home and friends and the weather (Nana likes the heat!) and the casino buffets. Which is all totally understandable - their lives are there. But now that it's just Nana, we worry more. It would be different if she were two hours away, but she's four and a half hours away. We just can't get to her quickly and without major interruption of life. We've been out there several times since Gramps got ill, sometimes just for a day, because that's all we could afford to do - we can't miss any days of work, especially since I don't get very many!

Erg. So anyway, that was the reason for no posts. Nana does not have the Internet, nor do I think she is one of those grandma's who are good on the computer. We couldn't even "borrow" a neighbor's WiFi.

In other news, I got another (additional) job, and my grandpa begins his first round of treatment today. But those are adventures for another day...

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