Monday, June 2, 2008

Today's adventure: Fire!

Yesterday, my job was on fire.

No, really, it was on fire.

Very early Sunday morning, the New York St facades at Universal Studios caught fire. Almost all of the Metropolitan sets are gone, and so is our 30-foot, 13,000-pound buddy, King Kong.

Today on our tours, we took the guests right next to the destruction and let them see first-hand how much damage had been done. I would post a picture, but I can't figure out how to get pictures off my phone and on to my computer. It was very sobering to think how much movie history had just gone up in flames.

Gratefully, there were only a few minor injuries reported; no tour guides or employees, but firemen. Every time my tram passed by the fire station on the lot, we applauded.

In other news, today I got to give a tour for the latest bunch of new hires, and all of the tour guides who trained me. It was a little nerve-wracking when I first found out they would be taking my tour. I wasn't really sure the trainers would want the trainees to see the tour of someone who has barely been there longer than them, but it went great. I hit all of my required information, no stalls, and I only messed up on one small thing - Desperate Housewives takes place in the fictional town of Fairview; I accidentally called it Grandview, which is the fictional town where Ghost Whisperer takes place. Too many -views, in my opinion. But I do feel like I impressed my trainers, and I made a good impression on the newbies.

All in all, a good day.

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mames said...

thanks for the comment. make some, you can get the bread, you are local.

i heard about the fire on the news. glad to hear that it will be okay.