Friday, May 23, 2008

Today's Adventure: UCLA

Today, I met up with my parents and my grandpa at the UCLA School of Dentistry. My grandpa has recently been diagnosed with throat cancer. At first, he was reluctant to go through treatment (he's 81), but after speaking to a radiation and chemotherapy specialist, he has decided to go for it! The doctors said he could be looking at a 100% recovery, which is much better than his original doctor gave us hope for. It's going to be rough on him, but he has tons of support, so he should do great.

The whole family (all seven of his kids, and their kids, and their kids) has really come together over this - even some members that have strayed away, for various and sundry reasons that I don't know. So, it's really cool to see aunts and uncles and cousins that haven't been at family gatherings for a long time. We have lots of big events planned in the next few months, and everyone is going to be there!

Grandpa had to go to the dentist to make sure that his teeth would be able to withstand the radiation - apparently, radiation can advance the decaying process - and to get impressions made of his mouth for the prosthesis he will wear during treatments. He'll have to get one tooth extracted, and then they'll start his treatments. Unfortunately, he'll have to come all the way back up to UCLA to get the tooth taken out. My parents drove from San Diego County to Orange County to pick him up, and drove him up to Los Angeles. Quite a drive! But, the added bonus is that I get to see them, without having to make the two hour drive myself, which is always nice.

We had lunch at BJ's after the appointment. I wanted to invite everyone over to see the new place, but the traffic was already so bad, and they had a long way to go, so we said goodbye, till next time.
And that's today's adventure!

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you having such a great family. With all the strides they have made with cancer treatment, your Grandpa will have a very good chance of being cured. I learned this also with my Dad's prostrate cancer. His PSA number was in the 80's (which is awfully high, and now it is 2.) At first he didn't want treatment (at the time he was 82, but changed his mind, and is now 87 and doing well.

Take good care.