Sunday, May 25, 2008

Today's adventure: Thievery!

My car was broken into today. At church (Is nothing sacred?). They broke my passenger side window, grabbed my purse, and got my phone and wallet along with it. They spent more than $400 in less than two hours. $211 at Ralphs. $77 at Rite-Aid. $8 at Jack-in-the-Box. $110 at a gas station in Garden Grove. And that's only on one card. I had two debit cards and two credit cards.

I hope that they bought fruits and vegetables, baby formula, diapers, and medicine. And a Sirloin Burger Combo. And filled their gas tanks. I hope they go to Target and Michaels and Cost Plus and Starbucks with all my giftcards. I hope they swipe my Pat and Oscar's card when they eat there.

But I want my new purse back. (Photo courtesy of

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Danna said...

Hey Manda,
So sorry about your purse, we had our house broken inot about a year ago, it just feels retched!!
On the bright side, thanks for stoping by my blog, it is great to hear from you!! I look forward to reading your blog and peeking into your life!! :)